Service Terms and Conditions

Last updated: September 7, 2011 in Bratislava

Welcome to TalkIN.EU™! By using TalkIN.EU™, you are agreeing to TalkIN.EU™’s Service Terms as set out in this document. We reserve the right to change these terms at any point without notice. Please check back regularly.

The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “the Service” and “the Site” all refer to TalkIN.EU™. “Visitors” are unregistered or anonymous users accessing the Site. “Members” are registered users offering their services by the means of the Site. A “User” is anybody accessing the Site, including Members and Visitors. “Membership” is the mutual contract between Us and a Member.


Using the Website

TalkIN.EU™ is an online platform where language learners (Visitors or Members) can search for and contact native speakers registered on the Site (Members).

Users may contact Members using the means provided by the Site. Users must exhibit common courtesy when contacting a Member. Unacceptable behaviour may lead to Our refusal to provide service and/or access to the Site to the misbehaving User. Unacceptable behaviour includes (but is not limited to):

Users have the option to report unacceptable behaviour of other Users to Us. We welcome and encourage any legitimate report of misconduct, but We reserve the right to make the ultimate decision as to what constitutes unacceptable behaviour.

Any reasonable measures will be taken to prevent and/or discourage unacceptable behaviour, including revocation of Membership (see later). This is because We strive to provide a friendly environment for foreigners and locals to engage in a productive dialogue and enhance their knowledge and respect for other cultures.

Meeting Language Tutors

TalkIN.EU™ encourages Users to establish email contact before meeting face-to-face. Contacting a Member using the Site is just the first step that is designed to protect the contact information of the Site’s Members. We do not endorse our Members, nor can We guarantee their competency, availability, or responsiveness.

Conversation meetings normally take place in a familiar, public environment. Coffee shops, public parks, and restaurants are the “classroom” of choice for most language students and tutors. Any Member who is not who he or she claims to be or who harasses or threatens language learners can and should be reported to Us. We do not wish to have misbehaving individuals in the community and We take every reasonable precaution to prevent the misuse of the Service.

In spite of our best efforts, We do not take responsibility for any physical, emotional, or financial harm that Users may inflict upon other Users. Under no circumstances are We responsible for the form or content of the language meetings or lessons, or for any other activity of Users outside or inside of the Site. Please use your best judgment when you are agreeing on meeting another User and when you are arranging the whereabouts (time and place) of such a meeting.

Registration and Personal Information

If you wish to become a Member of TalkIN.EU™, you may register here. Membership enables you to create and maintain a tutor profile on the Site for an agreed upon period of time.

If you make your Member profile public, your details will appear to Visitors and other Members in the search results on the Site. This way, you can promote yourself and attract language learners to contact you and arrange a conversation lesson with you. In many cases, Users can find Members who are of the same nationality or origin and who live in their city and can thus strengthen their cultural connections.

Registration requires that you fill in a registration form and, if you opt for a paid Membership, submit a Membership payment to Us according to the Membership plan that you select. Your native language and current city are required because they allow Users to search for Members in their vicinity who have the required language skills. Your gender is required because it improves the comfort of initial contact and helps establish rapport between Users and Members.

TalkIN.EU™ does not discriminate and for those reasons, We do not allow searching for Members based on their gender. On the other hand, many names do not indicate clearly the gender of a person and might thus deter Users from contacting a Member bearing an ambiguous name if gender was not specified.

Your email, username, and password will remain private and will never be disclosed to Users. We will not share this information with third parties, except as required by law or law enforcement procedures. Your data may be transferred to another entity in case that TalkIN.EU™ is acquired or taken over by another company. We will take practical measures to inform you of such an event in the future before the fact.


Membership conditions and offerings are subject to change and may be modified at any time. Changes to prices or offered Membership durations will not affect Memberships that have been purchased already.

We reserve the right to revoke individual Memberships in case We are sufficiently convinced that a Member has violated these Service Terms or applicable law. We may or may not decide to refund the Membership fee or its part, depending on the circumstances. We are devoted to providing quality service to all of our Users, but will not tolerate transgressions of the rules stated in this document.

Please note that membership is currently geographically limited to the Slovak Republic. Please contact us if you are eager to continue offering your language services outside of Slovakia.

Liability and Privacy

TalkIN.EU™ is not liable for financial or emotional damages or injuries that occur from the use of the site or the inability to access the site. While we do our best to provide consistent and reliable service to our Users, there may be outages and technical failures that are outside of our influence. Users can always contact us if they believe that they have encountered a malfunction.

We cannot guarantee that our Members and Visitors are who they claim to be. Despite all safeguards, if you encounter an impostor or a fraudulent tutor, please contact Us immediately. Please be honest-yet-careful in dealing with the other parties on the Internet in general.

TalkIN.EU™ discourages Users from stating their personal information on the Site in a public manner. Our profile censorship and Our messaging system are specifically designed to protect the privacy of Our Members. Circumventing this protection by publishing one’s mailing address, email address, or phone number may be considered a transgression of these Terms. We do not make your private information public and so you should not do that either.

We hope you will enjoy using the service,
– Your TalkIN.EU™ Team