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You can find out about TalkIN.EU™ tutor membership options here and contact us if you have any questions about the registration process.

1. Basic Info

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Specifying your gender helps TalkIN.EU™ visitors to prepare for meeting with you, because many names do not clearly indicate who is female and who is male.

We do not like discrimination and people cannot filter by gender when searching.

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Please select your gender carefully.
You cannot change your gender later.


Native Language is the language in which you are going to talk with your conversation students. TalkIN.EU™ requires that you state your real native language—your mother tongue.

Students may report a tutor that tries to teach another language. Feel free to mention your other language skills in your profile description later.

You cannot change your native language later.

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City is the location where you are available for conversations. Choose any city that is conveniently close to you and where you want to offer lessons.

You can change your city later in your profile. Change your city if you move and want to find new conversation students in your new hometown.

Price / Hour is the rate/fee which you want to charge your students for an hour of conversation.

The price is entirely up to you, although the maximum price / hour is limited to €15 (€35 for Basic or Pro tutors).

You will find that most tutors charge about €10/hour. You can also offer your lessons for free if you just like to meet new people and socialize.

Students may report a tutor who charges different prices than she or he advertises on TalkIN.EU™.

You can change your price later in your profile.

You can change this figure later in your profile.

3. Tell Us About Yourself

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Tell us what other languages you speak, your hobbies, interests or experiences…

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