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Monika Benčaťová

Slovak in Bratislava(Slovenčina)

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About Monika Benčaťová

Hello everyone! Languages have always been my passion so its only natural that they became my major occupation. I study translation and interpreting from Spanish and English, so those are the languages I teach and love the most. I have been teaching English since 2011 - I started with pre-school and elementary school children and moved on to teaching adults either in small companies or in their homes. I have 3 English certificates - my IELTS (score 7) and the other two are from Oxford and New Zealand where I used to spend my summers. And one Spanish certificate from Palma de Mallorca where I lived for almost a year. I try to make my classes fun, dynamic, motivating, fit to each students needs and preferences. If you like what you have read so far, don' t be scared to contact me and ask anything you would like to know :)

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