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Jeffrey Kirk

English in Bratislava(English)

Price: €25 / hour(negotiable)

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I am available weekdays at different times depending on the day. I am flexible, but I do not work after 6PM. Group Prices are negotiable.

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About Jeffrey Kirk

Hey there. My name is Jeff. I just joined as of August 3rd, 2018, so I don't want you to think I am unfriendly because I have no reviews yet. I am a great teacher :) I am an experienced native English speaking teacher and have taught people in marketing, advertising, IT, finance, and other business sectors (for example AT&T, Websupport, LIGA, Business Lease, Sygic, J&T, Dell, Tatrabanka, PPA Control, Microsoft, Global Blue, and more). I only teach in Bratislava. I prefer group lessons as they tend to flow better with different minds, but I also teach one-to-one lessons if wanted. My lessons are enjoyable, relaxed, and friendly. They are made to make encourage learners to want to learn more. Whether it is general conversation you would like, preparation for a job interview, proofreading, or you just want to practice in order to feel more confident, contact me. The lessons are personalised to the person our group I will teach. Please email me for more details about availability.

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