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I am flexible.Monday - Friday. Group lessons negotiable.

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Australian trained Architect from the University of Melbourne.I completed my studies in the 80's and after working in Sydney and O'seas - Botswana,South Africa I relocated to Bratislava.I have been here since 2001 and been teaching English in one of the best language schools in Bratislava.I have well over 16 years of experience teaching individuals and groups. I specialize in General English,Business English,Negotiations,Accounting and Finance,Tourism,Human Resources,Legal,Marketing,Engineering - terminology.I have taught HB Reavis Developers,ZSR - Slovak Rail,Eset,Dell,Pfizer,CSOB - leasing,PSA Peugeot,Mercedes Benz SK,VW etc.I try to focus on each individual and tailor my classes to the specific needs of my students. My lessons are for 1 hour (60 minutes) but can be longer or shorter and as often as possible.I focus on grammar exercises, conversations,vocabulary.I can also help with proof reading,IELTS prep. I welcome company enquiries and can provide an invoice if necessary.

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