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Christopher Kliks

English in Bratislava(English)

Price: €18 / hour(negotiable)

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Currently I am available most days in the afternoon. Beginning July 2017, I will be more flexible.

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About Christopher Kliks

I am an American native speaker keen on languages, having learned several myself. I am currently learning Slovak. I can sympathize with the struggles people have learning another language. I have 17 years' experience teaching English as a Foreign Language in 5 countries, and in planning to settle permanently in Slovakia. I am CELTA certified, so rest assured, I know what I'm doing! I can also proofread your CVs, texts, articles, papers, letters, whatever. I love music and I see it as merely another form of human expression. I play guitar and ukulele, but not as much as I'd like to, given that teaching and sharing languages and culture are my primary passions.

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