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Price: €15 / hour

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I am sometimes available in midmornings on weekdays, and possibly throughout Saturdays.

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Hi, I'm a foreigner and new to this site. So please walk with me through while I tell you a bit about me. I teach mostly Conversational English, sometimes Business English, and Basic as well as General English for beginners on a short-term to long-term basis. I have an ESL Certificate, and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) training. I teach English privately for: * adult professionals and non-professionals, * university students, * young adults, * teen-agers, & children ages 10-12 I usually meet people by referral. But occasionally, I get the chance to meet or be with people asking me on the spot to have light conversations while on a break, on a leisure walk, while biking, even on long commutes from ZA to BA or during travels around Europe. Regularly, my rates vary from 20 eur down to 10 eur each, that means from individual to group of 2. Call me at 0949 786 735 to find out how we can work your way through to speaking the language simply & confidently - even leisurely

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February 11

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He is friendly and down to earth candid. But at a start he is formal. He is a good listener.

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