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Steve McGarry

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I have a lot of flexibility in my availability, contact me to tell me your needs. Early morning times & 4.00-500 times tend to fill up the fastest. Also expertise in proof-reading, CVs, ghostwriting.

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About Steve McGarry

I'm a native language speaker with 5 years of experience in Slovakia with the top schools. Before this I was a teacher in England, and studied both English Language and Literature in my country, unlike most English teachers who teach English as a foreign language. I also worked professionally producing subtitles for television, where grammar had to be perfect, so I can teach you the highest level of grammar. Most importantly I focus on your needs and teach according to the style of the learner. I have worked with children, business such as Amslico, Postova Banka, NN, Unicredit, Generali, with large groups and small groups, and one-to-one. Depending on your needs we can have classes with are conversational, business-focused, grammar-focused, etc. With my help I can assist you to get the best level possible for you. You can look back at this moment as being the moment you decided to really improve your English and move towards fluency and a sophisticated vocabulary.

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January 19

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Excellent teaching skills, communicating in English is so easy for me now.

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