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Italian in Bratislava(Italiano)

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I am available almost every day in the afternoon after 17:00

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Bueno, it's LudOwand3rlust from Sicily based in Milan and I just moved in Bratislava just 2 month ago to work here in IT Company. I love loosing in words worLd pleasure by experience (as living in a movie? ) rather to read only books! Im very happy when I discover new word !! As much as I can I love stay with erasmus student or in general with foreign ppl all over the world. I love playing music (guitar, harmonic, kalimba and ukulele), people and listening them, light and melting with the pleasures of life, living in different ways and everything related to art. Besides,I really like the novelty, strange and adventure experiences.. Uuuuh !! MUSIC has an indescribable influence on me. Furthermore, through imagination i can feel in every ways and everywhere while my energy stream is living for. But don't forget: I'M NOBODY AT THE SAME TIME.

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