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Emil E.

French in Bratislava(Français)

Price: €10 / hour

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I am fluent in Slovak. I offer French and English lessons and conversations Mondays to Sundays 8am til 9pm. Whatever you need, I´m here to help you.

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About Emil E.

Hello and bonjour guys, I´m Emil. I was born in Paris from a Slovak mother and a French father. This means my mother tongue (French) is actually my father tongue. :) I grew up in Paris, lived and studied in London and Beijing and I am now a year in Bratislava. I speak three languages : French (native) , English (C2) and Slovak (C1). I am an insatiable traveller, having stepped on all five continents and I intend to visit as many countries as I can in my lifetime. Slovakia is my other home and has a special place in my heart. I am here to discover it and improve my Slovak language skills. I love challenges and it is my current one. I currently teach French and English in a private language school. I am also a big film and music buff. See you soon, à bientôt, vidime sa čoskoro, hasta pronto, 再见. E.

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