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Christina Parashchak

Ukrainian in Bratislava(Українська мова)

Price: €15 / hour

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I'm available from 17th September 2016.Time for the classes will be individually with a student.

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About Christina Parashchak

I'm originally from Ukraine.I've been teaching English at 3 private language schools in Uzhgorod(Ukraine) during the past 3 years. My native language is Ukrainian.I'm also fluent in Russian and Slovak which means i can also teach those languages.Learning langauges is my passion and currently i'm improving my French,Spanish and started learning Italian. I prefer interactive way of teaching,involving a student to speak and loose the fear of langauge bareer. I love travelling,cooking,painting,telling stories,taking photos and enjoying every minute of my life.My favourite writer is Ernest Hemingway and i also write poetry sometimes. If you think you'd be interested to have a tutor like me,you wouldn't regret ;)

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