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Samuel schiff

English in Piešťany(English)

Price: €12 / hour(negotiable)

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Im very flexible with time we can arrange what works best for you, i teach in person,skype, FSmeeting whiteboard or google hangouts. I can answer any question in more detail talk with you soon!

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good day,good morning,good evening wherever you may be. some volunteer work with my co-worker in a local orphanage you can also fill in a time on this weekly scheduler and we begin My name is Samuel, I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I am currently living/teaching in Slovakia i have been teaching for 3.2 years in a private school.I also have been teaching online lessons for a little over 2 years with great results In china,Russia,ukraine. I'm a very friendly helpful and comforting teacher, I always provide a stress free understanding learning environment for all of my students so they have the opportunity to grow and develop at a natural rate of speed,in turn you can reach the goals you seek.

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