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English in Bratislava(English)

Price: €20 / hour(negotiable)

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Due to a busy schedule, I am available mostly via Skype for lessons. I can still meet in person, but it will have to be by appointment.

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Originally from Austin, Texas, I have taught in Bratislava for over 3 years, professionally and privately, and have absolutely enjoyed it. I love exploring, reading books, traveling around the EU, and trying new things. CELTA-certified Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration Experience in Bratislava and Texas,USA I am able to help with: -Business English and vocabulary -Financial English and vocabulary -General English -Grammar -Proofreading -Pronunciation -Composition -Reading practice and comprehension -Becoming more confident as you speak English I will speak with a slowly and with a clear accent that is easy to understand. I will provide all the learning materials, so you do not need to worry about books.

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