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Joseda Marcos

Spanish in Bratislava(Español)

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I am available everyday except Wednesday in the afternoon.

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About Joseda Marcos

Hi there! I´m Spanish Teacher living and working in Bratislava, Slovakia. I´m specialized by Instituto Cervantes and prepare students to get the DELE Diplomas of Spanish as a second language. I´m graduated in Spanish Language and Literature, and have been working in Prague, Amsterdam and Granada, Spain, were I did my last job in TCLanguages ( I´m teaching online as well and got my own website: I do love Flamenco, play the guitar and dance, and cooking as my mother is a chef, so I made many teaching units about Flamenco, Literature, Cooking and gastronomy, Cinema, etc. Have fun learning Spanish!! :D

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Joseda Marcos

March 29

Joseda Marcos recommends:

He made me B2 in Spanish in just a few weeks, it was awesome!

March 29

Joseda Marcos recommends:

Great Spanish Teacher :D

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