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Hon Chong

English in Bratislava(English)

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I'm available most days. Please contact me for my most up-to-date availability.

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About Hon Chong

I’m a qualified and experienced English language and communication skills trainer. I have taught English to students of all skill levels and ages from elementary school students to senior managers of international companies. With over 11 years of teaching experience in 4 different countries, I am very confident that I can help you improve any English and communication skills that are important for you to succeed in your professional and personal life. I am a native speaker of English who is also patient, friendly, flexible and a good listener. I work hard at personalizing my lessons to fit your learning pace, style and goal. I enjoy using a variety of teaching techniques and resources to make my lessons interesting and fun while giving you a truly positive, relaxed and encouraging learning environment. I offer face to face or Skype lessons in conversational English, Business English, exam preparation, or public speaking. It will be a great pleasure to help you succeed!

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Hon Chong

May 13


He was an amazing English tutor.

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