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Veronika Blum

German in Bratislava(Deutsch)

Price: €13 / hour

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Sorry, I have very limited availability now, still keeping my profile on the page, in case, I will have more time in the future.

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About Veronika Blum

Here's for my short introduction: I've been living in Bratislava for several years now, Often I meet Slovak people, who learnt German, but are afraid to use it or lost touch with it because English is so predominant. So here is my time to step in and help. :) Apart from my mother language German, I also speak English and Hungarian fluently (and a bit of French). I can proofread your applications, C.V., university papers (unless it is extremely specialized), etc. I enjoy a relaxed style of teaching, lots of conversation, but I will nag you to get the grammar right and keep track of your new learned vocabulary.

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