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Serena Capilli

Italian in Bratislava(Italiano)

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Momentálne som dostupná cez pracovný týždeň počas večera a cez víkendy. Sídlim v centre Bratislavy a ľahko môžem dochádzať kamkoľvek v rámci mesta

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About Serena Capilli

I am a passionate teacher and a passionate learner. In the last 6 six years I have put myself through the learning of several foreign languages. Being a lifetime language student let me develop my own techniques in terms of efficient learning. What I like to do and I encourage my student to do, is to empower their learning journey through: back translations, flash cards and repetition. I place great important on the learning of the vocabulary. What happens in my classes?: Depending on your level either I will recommend you to use some course books or I will give you some worksheets to go through together. We can use also extracts from books or movies. Other than that, I will correct your mistakes, teach you packages of words and idioms. If you have any special needs (business Italian, literature, etc..). Also, upon requirement I will prepare homework for you and, at the end of every session I can provide a summary of what was done.

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Serena Capilli

February 2


Serena helped me with getting confident in basic vocab and purse further intermediate studies of Italian language :)

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