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Tony Baines

English in Bratislava(English)

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I am available Mon-Fri during the day between 10am-7:30pm.

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About Tony Baines

I am now CELTA certified and I studied psychology, sociology and communication studies at college and then worked in the music industry for 6 years, before travelling to New Zealand for 6 months. I have also lived in the Czech Rep. and Spain, besides travelling all over Europe and I have been to Asia. I specialize in Business English, but can also focus on General English or a mixture if need be, all courses are customized to your needs. I am also available for professional voice-overs in English language for Marketing, Advertising or even Safety videos (price by agreement) I have been living in Slovakia for 11 years and I'm an expert in making communication easier for anyone wanting to learn English. I can offer small group or individual classes in the following: Business English Conversation Grammar Job applications Proof-reading Preparation for IELTS, CFE, BEC, CAE, C&G, Maturita, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you Tony

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