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Polly Wade

English in Bratislava(English)

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Available Monday to Friday. 7:30am - 7:30pm

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About Polly Wade

I studied English Literature and Language at University in the UK. I moved to Bratislava from Liverpool last year and I have been enjoying the city ever since. I am interested in all things creative and often visit galleries and exhibitions. I enjoy speaking about art, design and culture however I have experience teaching in economic institutions such as investment companies and finance offices. The lessons are for one hour (60 minutes) and include English conversation however I am flexible with time. I also help with prununciation and grammar and can prove necessary materials. The lessons can also include writing (which I give as homework). I also help with job applications, motivational letters and proof reading. My e-mail is polwade@ I look forward to hearing from you

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Polly Wade

February 17


Polly is very friendly person. Her lessons were really funny and full of new vocabularies.

December 3



October 3

Michael recommends:

she's cool

August 9



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