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Dean Hathaway

English in Dunajská Streda(English)

Price: €10 / hour

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Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm

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About Dean Hathaway

I offer natural spoken English lessons and courses for the serious language learner wanting to make rapid progress fast. I will teach you to speak English like a native. With every English language lesson, your communication skills in speaking, writing and listening will improve, and you will gain confidence speaking in English. --------------------------------- Doučovanie môže prebiehať u Vás doma alebo na dohodnutom mieste.V prípade záujmu alebo bližších informácii ma môžete kontaktovať na e- maili - [××××] alebo na tel. čísle: 0907 293 277

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Dean Hathaway

June 11


He helped me with pronounciation

June 10

Dean Hathaway recommends:

He was very patient and he can also speak slovak which is very helpful.

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