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TalkIN.EU™ is a community of foreign language native speakers in Slovakia offering conversation lessons and tutoring to interested students.

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Language tutors on TalkIN.EU™ are enthusiastic people just like you. We love spending time with others and we love to learn about the culture of our host country, Slovakia.

Most of the tutors are expats. Some have fallen in love with Slovakia so much that they now live here. All of us love to help other people learn something new and exciting.

If any of the above applies to you, welcome to TalkIN.EU™!

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How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up as a language tutor, start at our registration page. You should be a native speaker of the language that you would like to teach.

Once you have chosen your membership, fill in your basic information and you are ready to go!

If you cannot find your language or city on the registration page, please request them here.

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Membership Types

There are three types of membership available: Pro, Basic and Free.

Professional tutor badge

Pro membership caters to lecturers and teachers with a range of expertise. You may choose your specialisations, have more options selecting a price and are recognisable thanks to your pro-tutor badge. Pro tutors are more prominently displayed in Search.

Basic membership lets you offer conversation lessons and grammar tutoring. You may engage in language exchange, list a few specialisations, and can also indicate that your price is negotiable.

Free membership lets you enjoy the core TalkIN.EU™ experience. You can create and publish your profile and you can be contacted. You cannot choose specialisations or indicate a negotiable price. Choose this option if language tutoring is more of a hobby or a pastime for you.

What Do I Do?

The goal of TalkIN.EU™ members is to have good fun, to meet new people, and to share their culture, country, and language. They become friends with interesting people and broaden their own horizons.

By using TalkIN.EU™, you contribute to our cultural awareness and demonstrate your openness to new ideas and people. Thank you for being a great person!

You can continue by examining our Service Terms. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.